Photographing the Tech & Investment Community 📸

Photographing the Tech & Investment Community 📸

While the majority of the projects I get at Brand Stories™ revolve around video production, I occasionally get asked to photograph events. In most cases I say no, as these jobs just aren't as lucrative as landing high-impact video client.

However, if the event and attendees are aligned with my core interests (ie. business, tech, marketing, startups) I'll gladly break the rules.

This has proven to be a fantastic way for me to meet likeminded folks, ranging from entrepreneurs, investors and community leaders.

This not only grows my personal network, but also gives me an opportunity to introduce my high-ticket services to an engaged audience. I have gained a handful of fantastic video production clients this way, so the ROI of these events has always been a net-positive for me.

🔑 Key Learning: When considering low-ticket projects, factor in the networking and community building opportunities.

W-Venture Headshots w/ VIATEC

When VIATEC reached out to see if I could help give 20+ badass, entrepreneurial women some new headshots... I of course said yes. We shot these headshots in a studio here in Victoria with a 3 light setup.

I also collaborated with Trevor Walker, who shot the Kelowna program participants. Together we were able to deliver headshots that were on-brand and consistent in style, despite being +500km apart.

Investor + Entrepreneur Headshots w/ Accelerate Okanagan

Accelerate Okanagan is a leader in the space of innovation and community development in the Kelowna region. Each year they bring entrepreneurs, investors and a captive audience together for the OKGN Angel Summit.

I partnered with AO to capture the event in multiple formats, including a series of promo videos, interviews, event coverage and headshots for all participants in the program.

NYKO w/ Accelerate Okanagan

Sometimes clients request event portraits that have a bit more... pizazz. That's why I partnered with for the New Year Kick Off event, hosted by Accelerate Okanagan. Their team built this incredible, custom-made portrait booth and my team handled the portraits. We were thrilled with how it turned out!

Want to see more photo work?

Photography is one of the passions that I've been able to successfully monetize. Here are a few more examples/projects.