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Studio Portraits 📸

Studio Portraits 📸

Although outdoor portraits are kinda my jam, occasionally I get requests for in-studio portraits and headshots. Here's a small collection

W-Venture Headshots w/ VIATEC

When VIATEC reached out to see if I could help give 20+ badass, entrepreneurial women some new headshots... I of course said yes. We shot these headshots in a studio here in Victoria with a 3 light setup.

I also collaborated with Trevor Walker, who shot the Kelowna program participants. Together we were able to deliver headshots that were on-brand and consistent in style, despite being +500km apart.

Investor + Entrepreneur Headshots w/ Accelerate Okanagan

Accelerate Okanagan is a leader in the space of innovation and community development in the Kelowna region. Each year they bring entrepreneurs, investors and a captive audience together for the OKGN Angel Summit.

I partnered with AO to capture the event in multiple formats, including a series of promo videos, interviews, event coverage and headshots for all participants in the program.

NYKO w/ Accelerate Okanagan

Sometimes clients request event portraits that have a bit more... pizazz. That's why I partnered with @wolfette.events for the New Year Kick Off event, hosted by Accelerate Okanagan. Their team built this incredible, custom-made portrait booth and my team handled the portraits. We were thrilled with how it turned out!

Want to see more?

Check out the galleries below for more portraits.