Street Portraits (Day) ๐ŸŒž

A collection of environmental portraits taken in and around the city.

Street Portraits (Day) ๐ŸŒž

Some photographers shoot landscapes - I shoot people. But the way I photograph people is fairly unique. Instead of studio lights, plain white backgrounds and cheesy smiles, I opt for a direction that's a bit more... authentic.

My style is best described as 'Modern Headshots'; a unique mix of lifestyle and environmental portraiture. This type of headshot is not-so-corporate, which means they're extremely versatile. My clients have used their photos on LinkedIn, social media, marketing, PR, book covers and even their online dating profiles.

Indoor Street Portraits

When most people think 'street portrait', they think of a concrete jungle. Cars, traffic, sidewalks, alleyways, etc. But not all street portraits are taken outdoors.

Occasionally I'll bring my clients into local coffee shops, restaurants, bars and lounges. This allows us to switch up the scenery and capture photos that have an entirely different feeling to them.

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