I'm scrapping AltPath.

Why I'm shutting down AltPath and transforming this publication into a personal blog instead.

I'm scrapping AltPath.

The idea for AltPath crept into my head earlier this year. I wanted to explore the concept of sending regularly scheduled emails with ideas, tips, interesting career paths and updates about the creator economy.

It seemed like a fun idea at the time, and still does to some extent, but shortly after launching, both my photo and video businesses hit a busy streak and I ended up drowning in client work (that's mostly a good thing).

Here's the reality: I'm one person running two businesses, both of which are growing quickly. I aint' got time to curate, write, edit and send newsletters.

I don't want to build yet another brand/business that I have to maintain and think about, because then it just becomes more work.

However, I love the idea of having a designated place for me to write and share content. Ghost, the platform that this was built-on, is an absolute joy to use. It's like having my own personal Medium platform that I control every aspect of. Check out the updated site here.

This way I can share a wider range of content.

AltPath was targeted mostly towards the creator economy, but if the content is consolidated under my own personal brand, I'm free to cover a wider range of topics such as life, work, photography, fulfillment, business, financial independence, ADHD and mental health... all of which I'm passionate about.

Note: I'm working on a way that readers can choose their category preferences. That way if you're only interested in posts about 'photography', you won't get emails with my entrepreneurship ramblings.


I'm keeping this publication, but I'm scrapping the AltPath brand and writing under my own name. This small branding change has lifted a weight off my shoulders and has me excited to start writing again. 📝