What I'm Doing Now

What I'm Doing Now
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🗓 Last updated: May 13, 2022

I just wrapped up a busy April with a few weeks of travel, so I'm slowly easing back into work. Here's exactly what I'm working on this month. P.S. You can now subscribe to get updates of what I'm working on here.

🎯 Top Priorities

  1. PhotosForTinder. 3x traffic via blog/seo, rebuild onboarding sequences.
  2. Brand Stories™. Building automated referral system for leads.
  3. Health & Fitness. Practicing squash every single day. I feel fantastic.

🤔 How I'm Feeling

I'm feeling extremely grateful. Revenue is at record highs (and growing). I'm still getting used to making great money that isn't directly tied to my time. It took a long time to get here. I'm so fucking grateful.

Emphasis on mental/physical health. After grinding for 4 years, it's time to focus my time on something other than business. I've reduced my work hours and have been been reconnecting with friends, travelling and prioritizing my mental/physical health - instead of staring at my screen for 8-hours/day.

"Work" doesn't feel like work anymore. Instead of grinding on client projects, I spend my days learning, building & creating. I'm doing high-leverage activities that are enjoyable and move the needle forward.

Connecting with other solo founders. I've been spending more time connecting with solopreneurs on IndieHackers.com & Twitter. I'm trying to keep my calendar clear so I can get through my backlog (below), so tools like Loom have come in super handy for connecting asynchronously.

🗓 Currently Booking

Zoom / Coffee Meetings
Speaking Engagements
New Opportunities
Video Clients
Consulting Sessions (limited)
PFT Clients

👨‍💻 What I'm Working On

🎬 Brand Stories™ Video Production
  • I've officially wrapped up my last video project. The client was thrilled. 🎉
  • Currently not taking new video clients to prioritize my other businesses.
  • Working on an automated referral system to qualify leads + pass them off to local video production teams. This way the SEO I've built can keep generating business for me, as we've agreed to 10-15% commission for each deal closed.
❤️ PhotosForTinder.com
  • Hiring a Copywriter: We've been super lucky to work with a great copywriter over the last year to help our clients with custom Tinder bios. Fortunately his main-gig has picked back up being shut down from COVID, so we're now on the lookout for a replacement.
  • Fixing Critical Bugs: Our CRM (Sprout Studio) has a critical bug w/ time-zones, causing clients to get incorrect confirmation emails. This is a huge issue with no easy fix so we may need to migrate to another CRM.
  • Workflows & Automations: I'm in the midst of rebuilding a few key workflows, such as our client onboarding, partner emails and feedback surveys. This is taking a lot longer than expected due to the infrastructure of our CRM. I'm also creating a new copywriting workflow to improve the bio copywriting element on Pro/All-Star packages.
  • SEO: 3x organic traffic by Aug 1: SEO is the main driver of new clients, so every hour spent creating content + optimizing SEO will pay dividends in the long run. When traffic goes up, revenue goes up. This is something every business should be prioritizing.
  • Support (Ongoing): My goal is to make sure my team & clients always have what they need for a successful shoot. To do this I aim to provide exceptional support via Loom videos (for clients), and for internal support, I'm always adding to our internal knowledge-base (Loom/Notion).
🙋‍♂️ JustinVeenema.com
  • Sharing Content: I've seen an uptick of sales from Twitter & LinkedIn recently, which is interesting since I have small following (under 2k). I think sharing your experience online is one of the best ways to reach your audience (and market your services) so I've made this one of my top priorities.
  • Providing Value (for free): I spend an hour each day connecting with other business owners and answering questions via email/dm/social. Tools like Loom make it easy to give quick, personalized responses without meetings. Due to volume I can't always answer every DM, but I really try.
  • Consulting (ongoing): I reserve a few spots in my calendar each month for consulting sessions. This allows my clients to get 1-on-1 guidance on areas like marketing, branding, SEO and client acquisition.
  • I'm currently rebuilding the e-commerce section of my website to add support for my Gumroad products
  • I'm building new functionality into my review form to collect video testimonials
🎨 Brand Stories™ Webflow Template
  • Adding to documentation, including more Loom videos and tutorials
  • Improving the Webflow style/class structure to make it easier to use
  • Providing 1-on-1 support via email, messenger (ongoing)
🎓 SEO Mini-Course
  • I've received a ton of requests for a mini-course on how to rank creative businesses using SEO, so I'm in the beginning phases of building.
🏕 Personal Life
  • Last month I got the chance to meet Dunna and Potato Jet. Both rad dudes.
  • I'm picking up the Apple Studio Display this weekend - so stoked.
  • I've been VERY strict with my daily squash practice. I'm improving each day.=