Hedge Presets for Mac πŸ€–

Make offloading photos & videos a breeze with these custom presets for Hedge.

Hedge Presets for Mac πŸ€–

What is Hedge?

Hedge is a Mac app that helps you offload footage to your computer faster, more efficiently and more securely than just using drag-and-drop.

I personally use Hedge after every photo/video shoot. It's easily saved me 40+ hours this year alone and makes offloading client footage a breeze. This isn't sponsored by the way and I've never even spoken to their team. I'm just a fan of their products.

Through trial and error, I've created 5 presets that I use every day in my business. I've made the templates available for download; you can find the links at the bottom of this page. Β 

Hedge features I love

  • ⚑️ Increased offload speeds using their Fast Lane technology
  • πŸ€– Smart presets to automatically filter, organize and rename footage on import
  • πŸ“± iOS app to get notified when footage is done transferring
  • πŸ” Simultaneously backup to multiple locations (ie. a hard drive and server)
  • πŸ“€ Offload from multiple SD cards at once
  • βœ… Built-in check-sum verification to ensure nothing gets lost
  • 🎨 Beautiful interface - an absolute joy to use

How I use Hedge in my workflow

Like a lot of creatives, I shoot a variety of different types of content including client videos, portraits, youtube videos and of course personal/family stuff. Client footage shouldn't go in the same folder on my hard drive as camping photos.

🎬 Offloading client footage

Ensuring client footage is backed-up quickly and safely is important. Some people prefer to do a full SD-card clone (which I have a preset for) but I prefer to organize the footage on-import to make passing it off to my editor even easier.

  1. First, it creates a new folder on my hard drive with the project name
  2. Next it flattens the content from my SD cards and gets rid of the weird Sony file structure (.BIN files, sdfdsfds, etc.)
  3. Then it creates automatic folders based on the date/time the files were created.
  4. After that it creates folders for each camera (ie. a-cam, b-cam or A7S3, A7C)
  5. Next it filters the media even further to separate photo files from video files. .MP4's go in their own folder and .ARW go in another.
  6. I click Transfer and everything backs up automatically to two different hard-drives creating a redundant copy.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Offloading my own footage

Offloading for things like instagram and youtube is much less intensive. For my own media library, I don't even separate the footage by project but instead organize everything by date.

For this reason, it's important that I can shoot, offload and keep shooting with minimal friction. For example, I might take 20 photos at breakfast, offload, take a few videos at lunch, offload, take more photos in the evening, offload, etc.

Hedge allows me to automatically copy new files off my SD card into the proper folders with one click. No more manually highlighting only the new photos/videos and manually dragging them over. This functionality is similar to what you can find on the Gnarbox, but with Hedge you can use any hard drive.

Hedge Presets (V.1)

Here are the presets that are currently included in the v.1 pack. I've also included documentation on how to use the presets in your own workflow.

  1. Client Offload (by SD card)
  2. Client Offload (by Date)
  3. (????) Recurring Offload
  4. Direct SD Card Clone
  5. One more
  • 🎁 Free for Subscribers: Sign-in to unlock the free download link below. πŸŽ‰
  • πŸ›’ Purchase ($9): Or you can purchase the standalone presets here.