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🧰 Toolbox: The growing list of tools, apps, templates and resources I use in my businesses.

A master list of my top tools, hacks, resources, websites, apps, templates and products for creators.
🧰 Toolbox: The growing list of tools, apps, templates and resources I use in my businesses.
Photo by Jeremy Zero / Unsplash

This list is a work-in-progress, but I'll be adding to it more and more as I go along.

🌐 Website Builders

  • Webflow - what I used to build BrandStories.ca and JustinVeenema.com πŸ†
  • Carrd.co - a phenomenal tool to build fast, responsive 1-page websites

πŸ€– CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Tools

  • Honeybook - The CRM I use to manage clients for Brand Storiesβ„’
  • Dubsado - Another great CRM, but found it too overwhelming.

🎨 Design Tools

  • Vectornator - Create sophisticated illustrations, spectacular layout mockups, and expressive lettering on the go, whenever you want.

πŸ“Έ Photography Software

  • Lightroom Classic - I use Lightroom Classic to edit 90% of my professional photos. I've used Lightroom for the past 8 years and it's easily the most robust and well-known photo editor for professionals. I also occasionally use Lightroom Mobile while editing on-the-go from my iPad.
  • Capture One - If the shot needs a bit more finessing with colour, I'll use Capture One. This software allows you to really fine-tune the colour, contrast and vibrancy of your photos.

🎬 Video Production

  • Final Cut Pro X - If you create videos on the Mac ecosystem, then Final Cut Pro is the video editor of choice since the software is designed with Apple hardware in mind. Playback and editing is super smooth and export times are a breeze.
  • Hedge - This isn't a photography app per-say, but it does allow you to get your photos/videos off of your SD card at record speeds. Hedge allows you to make redundant backups (ie. offload to multiple destinations), organize files into folders based on dates/times, batch rename and so much more.

Camera Gear

πŸ“Έ Cameras

  • Sony A7SIII - Β Simply the best mirrorless camera for video, period. πŸ†
  • Sony FX3 - Β The A7S3 in a cage-less design with pro audio handle.
  • Sony A7C - My B-cam, travel cam and webcam all in one.

πŸ“Έ Lenses