Pondering Entrepreneurship

I reflect on my choice to become a full-time solopreneur - and how I wish I found this path sooner.

Pondering Entrepreneurship

I find the question "What do you do for work?" difficult to answer, mostly because it depends on the day. Most of my time is spent running the day-to-day operations of my two creative businesses:

🎬 Brand Stories™ is my video production company where I get to work with clients to produce high-impact marketing & branding videos. I prefer to work mostly with small-to-medium sized businesses, but my client roster includes brands such as Staples, University of Victoria, Ethical Bean and SPUD.ca.

📸 PhotosForTinder.com started as an initiative to help people level up their online dating profiles to help them find love. But what started as a humble side-project has quickly grown in size, and I now work with a kick-ass team of photographers & copywriters to serve clients in NYC, Chicago, Vancouver, Los Angeles and more.

I also spend a small portion of my time consulting, mentoring and teaching.

I get to wake up every day and do work that I love. I don't have a boss. I don't have set hours I have to be in the office. Nobody has to approve my vacations. I get to decide where and how much I work.

I'd even go so far as to say that depending on your personality, entrepreneurship might actually be a better fit than you realize. It could be the thing that makes you feel alive, inspired and in complete control of your future.

My only real regret is that it took me way too long to figure all this out.

This leads me to some tough questions 🤔

  • Why didn't I know this path existed before?
  • Why didn't I start my own business sooner?
  • Why did some friends/family try to warn me against starting a business?
  • Why do some people think that self-employment is a scam?
  • Why aren't more people working for themselves? Wouldn't they be happier?
  • Why do I feel awkward having these conversations with my friends?‌

Look, I don't want to be that guy. I don't want to be the person that tells you to "chase your wildest dreams" or "hustle until your eyes bleed". I don't want to post stories of me working on my laptop on the beach with hashtag #entrepreneur. I don't want to sell you an unrealistic dream and get your hopes up.

But I do want to have these conversations because I think they're important. I want my friends and family to know that they have options. I want them to know there's an alternative path with their name on it. And I want them to know that it's not going to be as difficult of a path as they think it is.

So this site will be a place where I can have these conversations freely; where I can explore these concepts openly without judgement. After all, this is my turf.

When I post on a platform like Instagram or Twitter, I often feel like I'm preaching my ideals on to other people against their will. Nobody asked for my opinion on how 40 hour work weeks are way past their expiration date. Nobody asked for why I feel the great resignation was inevitable.

But here? This is my safe space. If you don't agree with my ideas around life/business, you don't have to listen to it. You're free to leave, unsubscribe, etc. Nothing is forced on you.

But if you are interested in having deeper conversations around life, work, business and creativity, this is the place to have them. If this stuff tickles your fancy, then consider subscribing.